About Us

History and Mission

In 2002, with a growing population and shrinking resources, a group of concerned Long Beach residents and advocates got together to respond to the housing crisis in our city. That group of over forty community-based organizations, political leaders, religious institutions, and residents became known as the Long Beach Housing Trust Fund Coalition. With 58% of mission-imageLong Beach residents living as renters, and three-quarters of the housing stock greater than 30 years in age and in deteriorated conditions, working families in Long Beach needed safe and affordable places to live.  The group established a Housing Trust Fund and the LBHTFC elevated affordable housing issues into the dialogue at City Hall and garnered attention for an issue that had long been ignored.

The coalition continued to organize and advocate for equitable housing policies, and in 2009 formed a board, hired staff and became Housing Long Beach. The organization was incorporated in 2011. Since then, the organization has continued to advocate for equitable development and has expanded into the area of renters’ rights. Recently, Housing Long Beach was waging an anti-slumlord campaign in an effort to raise habitability issues and and the general lack of renter protections. Now, we the organization finds itself at the forefront of anti-displacement measures as they attempt to establish just-cause for eviction in Long Beach.

The challenges of Long Beach are not unique; with an increasingly diverse population that is not equitably represented by those in p13100800_1126462467374308_370829295768723369_nower, many voices are overlooked in the public decision-making process.  Housing Long Beach utilizes traditional community organizing methods and strategies to empower those closest to the issues to engage in public decision-making and shape the policies impacting their lives.

Housing Long Beach uniquely meets the needs of Long Beach residents by working to improve, preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing for the well-being of Long Beach residents through community organizing, policy work and systems change. 

Our vision is a Long Beach where all residents live in affordable, accessible, quality housing in healthy and empowered communities where government officials are responsive to the social and economic needs of all residents.

Our housing work focuses in four main areas:

  • Enacting policies that prevent the displacement of low-income communities
  • Enacting long-term policies that will impact housing development;
  • Responding to housing issues that are more immediate for residents;
  • Building an infrastructure to allow residents to meaningfully engage and build the necessary power to make changes for their communities.