Institutional Membership

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Become a member today and support important work in your local community!

Institutional members of Housing Long Beach share HLB’s values and hold a common vision to build a holistic and progressive movement for change in the city.  Members may participate in a variety of ways, such as those outlined below.

  • Help identify needs for improved and increased affordable housing for residents of Long Beach
  • Promote HLB activities and actions
  • Provide access to members’ constituency for the purposes of outreach and promotion
  • Identify a representative to participate in monthly community meetings
  • Turn people out to actions, press conferences and other HLB activities
  • Participate in HLB activities in a variety of ways, including but not limited to: identifying volunteers, providing a speaker, offering meeting space, etc.

 HLB will:

  • Recognize and promote members on website and HLB materials
  • Promote activities and events of members, when appropriate, to HLB base
  • Invite members to participate in all HLB citywide campaigns and community meetings
  • Welcome members’ constructive criticism, advice and comments

HLB’s tax ID is: 45-2839868.  Your gifts will be used for core operating support and ongoing programming and campaign work.


Membership Levels:


BRONZE NAIL$ 50 – 199 SILVER HAMMER$200 – 499 GOLD BRICKS$500 – 999 PLATINUM PILLAR$1000and above

In-kind gifts are also greatly appreciated and are tax-deductible.


Institutional Members

The list below includes nonprofits, churches, local businesses and community organizations that support our work. All of the groups support and participate in our campaigns meaningfully and in various ways.  To learn more about institutional membership, contact Housing Long Beach at

Californians for Disability Rights

East Yards Communities for Environmental Justice

Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community

Long Beach Coalition for the Homeless

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach, Social Action Committee

Greater Long Beach Interfaith Community Organization

Cal State Long Beach Social Work Department


Long Beach Time Exchange

Latinos in Action

Century Housing/ Villages at Cabrillo

The Long Beach Affordable Housing Coalition

Center for Disability Access

Jamboree Housing

Mental Health America

Molina Healthcare

Mercy Housing

Southern California Association of Non Profit Housing