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Community Outreach

Help Housing Long Beach spread the word about our work and fight for more affordable housing and tenant’s rights. We reach out to residents in a variety of ways. We can’t always reach everybody via email. We need help making phone calls and knocking on doors.

Monthly Community Meetings


Housing Long Beach holds a monthly meeting for new community members and active resident leaders. These are periodic gatherings for members and leaders to review past activities, current projects/campaigns, and to dialogue about forward thinking strategies and ideas. At these meetings, we also intentionally include some leadership skill building activities.At HLB, we believe these meetings should be designed and led entirely by our community leaders. Therefore, we work closely with our active members to support their leadership development.Our resident leaders:

  • Prepare the agenda
  • Facilitate the meetings
  • Report on past month’s activities
  • Choose topics for discussion
  • Include skill building exercises
  • Talk about Next Steps
  • Coordinate speakers/presentations
  • Call & Invite other community members

If you would like to know more or become involved, please feel free to contact Brenda Caloca at or call (562-316-8276).


Speakers’ Bureau

The HLB Speakers’ Bureau is a new program to spread the word on our work for quality and affordable housing for Long Beach residents. If selected as a Member, you will represent HLB by speaking to interested groups across Long Beach about HLB’s work and campaign to increase access to quality and affordable housing.Please note: There is a (1) year time commitment expectation for the Speakers Bureau and all members are encouraged to speak at a minimum of (2) engagements per year.Members will receive: Training on public speaking skills; Opportunity to work with neighborhood groups and expand HLB’s work and mission; Time credits through the Long Beach Time Exchange; gas reimbursement for miles travelled while volunteering for HLB.Find the application HERE

Connect with a Campaign

Join one of our current campaigns and help fight to improve, preserve and increase the supply of affordable housing for the well-being of Long Beach residents.HLB values the community residents and their expertise on community issues. We train our leaders throughout their involvement with HLB. We teach people about public speaking, phone-banking, outreach and door-knocking, planning and leading meetings and events, and speaking with legislators and decision makers. HLB asks our community leaders how they want to develop as a leader and we seek opportunities for them to develop those skills.

The Long Beach Time Exchange

The Long Beach Time Exchange is a time banking community, where members use an alternative currency called time credits to exchange skills and services.  Members earn one time credit for each hour that they help others, and spend one time credit for each hour that they receive a favor, service, or lesson from another. In the process of completing time exchanges, we learn new skills and uncover our gifts, make new friends, work to create sustainability for ourselves, and our great city.  Housing LB is a member organization of the LB Time Exchange.  Our volunteers can earn time credits for helping us and then they can spend those time credits with over 450 other members!To find out more, please call 562-786-6081, email: or visit:

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