HLB Structure

15170822_1289026437784576_7829950924178202609_nOrganizational Structure

Board of Directors: Our Board of Directors governs policy and direction, ensures financial stability, and assists with the leadership and general promotion of Housing Long Beach so as to support the organization’s mission and needs. We pride ourselves of having a well-rounded board that represents the diversity of Long Beach.

Find the list of our Board members here.

Steering Committee:  The Steering Committee is made up of residents and allies, and serve as an advisory body for all campaign strategies and tactics.  Steering Committee members align HLB’s policy priorities with community concerns, and engage in constructive dialogue as the organization moves its work forward.

Monthly Community Meetings: HLB roots itself in the belief that the residents closest to the issues are the ones best equipped to fight for solutions.  HLB convenes residents once a month to provide training and leadership development, as well as involve residents in the ongoing identification of housing concerns and decision-making of the organization.

Learn more about monthly community meetings and how to attend!