Individual Sponsorships

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Become a sponsor today to help develop grassroots community leaders for meaningful community impact!

HLB believes that offering leadership development opportunities to grassroots residents allows for those who are most impacted by pressing social issues to find their voice and make transformative community change.  Our vision for a safe, healthy and equitable Long Beach cannot happen without engaged, empowered and mobilized grassroots leaders, and we believe that our resident leaders are building the power and voice they need to make positive and lasting impacts in their communities.

With your contribution, more community leaders will grow in Long Beach in a movement for justice and equality.  Your gift will be used for core operating support and to offer development opportunities including those below.  HLB’s tax ID is: 45-2839868.  Make a gift today!


Leadership Development Sponsorship descriptions

Starting at $50
Sponsor a grassroots leader to attend a Leadership Summit  

The HLB bi-annual Leadership Summit offers plenary training and workshops to develop skills and critical capcities necessary to engage in community organizing and advocacy.  Emerging leaders receive leadership resources and materials, hear important testimonials from their peers and learn from organizing guest keynote speakers.

Starting at $100
Sponsor a Community Networking Opportunity 

Community networking events create opportunities for our grassroots leaders to meet others in Long Beach who are working towards progressive social change and build their networks for personal and organizational development and growth.

Starting at $500
Sponsor a grassroots leader to participate in the Action Leadership Academy

The Action Leadership Academy is a twelve-week organizing class that digs deep with emerging grassroots leaders on their role in community impact and offers them the skills needed to be a true voice of change in Long Beach and with HLB’s work.  Participants are trained to be well-versed in organizing techniques and integrate strategic action into their community work and local policy campaigns that impact their lives and improve their communities.

Starting at $1,500
Sponsor a grassroots leader(s) to visit legislators in Sacramento or Washington D.C.

Each year, HLB offers our emerging grassroots leaders the opportunity to visit Sacramento or Washington D.C. to bring the voice of Long Beach to our state and national legislators.   These trips provide leaders with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to walk the steps of their capitol and talk with their elected officials about the issues impacting families in our city.  Leaders attend conferences and participate in legislative visits, direct actions, and learn from peer-to-peer workshops.

Starting at $5,000
Sponsor an Organizing Internship opportunity  

Organizing Internships invite grassroot leaders to take the next step in their development and apply their organizing techniques by working in the field. These opportunities provide extended learning opportunities for trained leader-organizers to take leadership in issue campaigns, offer development opportunities for others, run community networking events, and lead other organizing activities.