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Housing Element Debate Moving On To City Council                                                                        12/13/2013 | Long Beach Gazette

Long Beach Revisits its Housing Element                                                                              8/9/2013 | Random Lengths News

Long Beach Housing Advocates Will Use Vote Delay to Mobilize Support
8/5/2013 | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Housing Long Beach Outlines Priorities For Upcoming Housing Element Of City’s General Plan
6/13/2013 | Long Beach Business Journal

Affordable housing advocates issue report with ‘aggressive’ solutions
6/1/2013 | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Group Stumps For Affordable Housing Measures
5/13/2013 | Long Beach Gazette



People’s State of the City: More than Talk?                                                                                2/29/2012 | LB Post

Council Adopts Downtown Plan
1/11/2012 | LB Post

Council Passes Downtown Plan
1/11/2012 | Long Beach Gazette


Downtown Plan Down To Council
12/8/2011 | Long Beach Gazette

Downtown Plan back for vote
11/26/2011 | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Downtown development will it be: A Boon Or A Bane
11/6/2011 | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Bridging language barrier 
11/5/2011 | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Councilmember Andrews’ Language Policy Unanimously Passed by City Council
11/3/2011 | LB Post

Study’s Omission Delays Downtown Plan Vote
10/17/2011 | Long Beach Gazette

Long Beach Democratic Club to Lead Rally in Support of “American Jobs Act”
10/12/2011 | LB Post

Housing Long Beach Vigil & March
7/15/2011 | Long Beach Press-Telegram

Housing Group to Hold Prayer Vigil, Solidarity March Thursday
7/11/2011 | LB Post


Council Rejects Delay Of Downtown Plan, But Extends Public Comment Period
11/10/2010 | LB Post