Affordable Housing Developer’s Roundtable

Affordable Housing Developer’s Roundtable

The Long Beachf5593702-9805-48de-9fa2-6f8ffdd03a72 Affordable Housing Developer’s Roundtable is a quarterly meeting hosted by Housing Long Beach. In partnership with HOPE, Rebuilding Together Long Beach, Innovative Housing Opportunities and LINC Housing,  the goal of the roundtable is to develop a greater spirit of collaboration among the affordable housing development community in Long Beach. At a time when affordable housing is in critical need, Housing Long Beach believes that only by developing a collective conversation, can true collaboration between developers, city staff, and the Long Beach community, be achieved so that we can truly overcome the immense challenges that face us. The photo to the left is from the first meeting of the Roundtable, with special guest speaker, Bonnie Lowenthal (center, front), former Member of the California State Assembly and former Long Beach City Councilmember.

Next Meeting

Thursday, June 22, 2017 / 10:00AM-12:00PM / Harbor Regional Center: 1155 E San Antonio Dr, Long Beach, CA 90807


Special Guests: Councilmember Roberto Uranga and Pablo Bravo, Vice-President, Dignity Health

Previous Meeting

March 23, 2017 – Meeting Minutes, Flexible Housing Subsidy Program Flexible Housing Subsidy Presentation, California Housing Partnership Report