Leadership Summit

Housing Long Beach conducts a full day semi-annual training workshop called the Leadership Summit. The Leadership Summit is an opportunity for resident leaders  to gather and create a common organizational vision and establish short and long term goals, as well as receive skills-building workshops for their growth and development.

The day includes in-depth training workshops on key organizing
topics such as:


  • How to “frame” stories, issues, topics and narratives
  • How to effectively use Social Media to organize a community

Government 101 / Voter Responsibilities

  • How can government work to benefit people
  • How does voting affect individuals, communities and systems

Public Speaking / Spokesperson Training

  • Learn to speak in public settings such as in City Council Meetings
  • Learn to speak with your neighbors such as with voter registration

Basics on Community Organizing

  • What is community organizing?
  • How to use organizing strategies to create long lasting change

Power Analysis

  • How to research & analyze who/what has power to create change
  • How to use an analysis to plan strategies to shift power


And so much more…

The goal of the Leadership Summit is to provide our resident leaders with ongoing leadership development opportunities. The more knowledgeable, educated and skilled our residents are, the stronger they will be as leaders for the organization and community overall.

If you would like to know the next Summit date or become involved as a trainer or participant, contact Jorge Rivera at JRivera@HousingLB.org or (310) 766-3246.