Vishnah Krang Spotlight

This Month’s Leader Highlight:   Vishnah Krang

Vishnah Krang, HLB Leader for 4 years, Long Beach resident for 25 years 

Who is your role model?

I am trying my best to lead myself to the right direction. However, Nancy – the current Cambodian Supervisor at Senior Center – is my role model. She is a great lady with great heart who is fully committed to help Cambodian seniors. She has been volunteering for a long time with the Senior Center. She is generous, respectful and a great listener. Also, my two sons (Mony Sar and Chanly Sar) are among my best stars. They are obedient, thoughtful, respectful, and put more hope into my life. They are now serving in U.S. Army.

When did your passion for social justice come alive?

The more I got involved with Housing Long Beach and the Cambodian Senior Center, the more I started cultivating myself for social justice.  My passion comes alive when there is an injustice which requires an urgent response from policy makers and especially from City Officials and Council Members. I wanted justice especially related to housing.

I didn’t know anything at all before I got involved with Housing Long Beach, but now I am well-trained on some relevant issues such as housing, education and nutrition etc.,

I have a strong passion to see Long Beach residents living in a more just city and with more affordable rents.

What’s one thing you would like to see changed in Long Beach?

One thing I would like to see change is that people should live in a City with a real democracy and that the system should respect to public/residents’ opinion.

How have you grown through your involvement with Housing Long Beach?

Through many trainings, capacity building and volunteering time.  These include door knocking, participating in regular monthly community meetings, turning out people to different HLB events, spreading the words about HLB’s work, gathering signatures from residents and seniors for HLB’s pledge and speaking at the City Council Hearing.

IMG_2361What skill has been most useful for you to learn?

Leadership and communications skills – how to talk to others and inform other residents and seniors of what I learned from HLB, gathering signatures from residents, and inviting people to the meeting and events.

What is your favorite memory with Housing Long Beach?

Meeting with my Councilman, Dee Andrews and speaking at the City Hall Hearing – it was my very first time and my great privilege to talk to those big City Officials.

How has your involvement impacted the city of Long Beach as a whole?

I believe I have worked on the very sensitive issue that has strongly impacted the residents, communities and the policy makers in Long Beach.  Through my involvement and time I have contributed, more residents now got informed about the relevant issues of housing (needs, problems and challenges).  They started discussing and sharing about that issue, they passed on the information to their circles, including their kids and families.

I strongly believe that more and more residents will be involved in HLB’s campaign, works and activities, that the decision makers or city staff/council members will hear more and more voices, and that residents and organizations will get more involved in influencing the policy makers in Long Beach – which will make a stronger voice and more change.